... some of the applications are blocked at work ... I don't know why ... so sometimes I can't post blogs etc.  Ah well.

We all lived in hope yesterday that we were going to get sent home as three of the four boilers had broken down.  However, the Head managed to re-room all of us who were on the freezing corridors and then they got the boilers working

So in protest I watched DVDs with my classes all day.  I managed to watch the opening hours of Harry Bloody Potter twice in a row - then The Muppets Christmas Carol. I LOVE that film.

Tonight I have a pantomime rehearsal - the staff always put on a panto for the students on the last assembly. I'm playing 'the ghost of christmas future' - eg. a cloaked version of death.  I have to wheel on a gravestone - the staff wanted me to start photographing it however I said a lot of the kids wouldn't get the joke!

Oh well - best get dressed and ready I spose.