Well it seems like I can access most of ipernity's features from work - something I can't do with Flickr or Myspace - so hopefully I can use this more

I'm so tired at the moment - I really shouldn't do these 'last minute' things of going out after work and not crawling in until late.  It wasn't like I was drinking or anything last night - I went to see Women of Troy at the National Theatre.  Probably not the best play just before Christmas - most of our students ended up in tears at the end of it.  It was very emotional and draining - however - I found I was annoyed with the woman who played Hecuba.  She just wasn't convincing enough and I found myself dreading it each time she spoke. 

The staging was quite fantastic however, despite the explosions and smoke which got to my already fragile chest.

Well, Tuesday now.  Only 4 more days until the end of term - everyone is on their last legs.