I'd probably be crucified and thrown stones for writing this down, but that is assuming people actually read what I write :D

After a frustrating morning and afternoon trying to write about how polymorphism in genetics could influence the interpretation of clinical trials in atopic dermatitis, I found my mind wondering into the realms of art, of bunjin, of wen ren, of Southern School Chinese paintings (nanzhonhua), and the Islamic geometric art. I then wonder why all these beautiful elegant humanly creations are these days less known than Paris Hilton's latest single?

The only answer I can come up with is war. Although I am a true blue pacifist, the rebel that hides within me sometimes hint to me that the only way we can change the world order of today is through a major war.

The dominance of the Anglo-Saxon thoughts, practices, norms, culture, art, music that seem to permeates every aspects of our existance today is mainly due to them winning every single wars of the past two centuries. It is a logical conclusion that the victim and the vanquished succumb to the victor's whims and needs. This can be seen from the quasi-instant adoptation of English as the "international language" of the post-WWII drama, even earlier. Not even the domination of Victorian empire could out do a major war in "convincing" the world of the "supremacy" of the English-speaking world.

Another silly example is the blind adulation of the so-called "caucasian looks" that so many femalses in East Asia are experiencing. I'm always astonished at how easy it was for white caucasian men (no matter how ugly they may be) to hook up with a Japanese women in my office when I was in Japan. Why? Well many would say that "ooh westerners treat their women better, with more attention and care etc"... which to a certain extent is true, but that does not explain everything. I personally believe that when the USA-GB won WWII, they won the entire world's admiration.

To cut the story short, as I have a meeting soon, the only (easy) way for this to change is via another major war. The world order after a 3rd World War would then be determined by the next victor... It is no wonder that the US and Europe want to keep a tight control on countries military spending, so that their version of "freedom and world peace" can be maintained...

I think the above is a way for me to say out loud what everybody is thinking within...