Metasequoia trunk base Metasequoia In the art of penjing/bonsai these days, it is important to keep track of our work. Since this medium is as good as any, I might as well use it to record my work on my bonsai collection.

Garden-dori in the title is a wordplay on the Japanese word of "yamadori" (literal translation = path of the mountains), a procedure by which bonsai enthusiasts go up hills for walks and find a nice tree to bring home and work on to "perfection". Google it for more info.


So I went to a local nursery last summer and wandering behind the nursery's back yard, I saw this gigantic conifer being readied for the torch! I quickly asked for it and was given if I could fit it in the car. And it did.

I don't know how old it is, but it is huge, about 1.8m tall, and the circumferance of the trunk base is abou 30cm!

It didn't look good, but the leaves were still clinging on... I had no pot for it and the root ball was so tight that no chop sticks can remove any of the dirt clinging on to the roots

I think there is a beauty lying under the dirty robe.

In a couple of days time, I might have the courage to start re-potting this beast. I hope that I don't kill it, but leaving it in its current tight clay root ball would not do it any good either. My aim is for it to look almost like the the third picture of an established bonsai. Coastal Redwood