This string of thought came about when I was asked by nottiestyle of the "Japan Group" to provide her with a brief statement of what photography meant to me. It turned out to be rather long-winded :D But I guess I post it here so that hopefully I can get someone to discuss it with. Hopefully it doesn't sound too presumptious, but "art" generallly does sound presumptious when written in English, but natural in other languages... curious...

"About photography: One thing that I learnt from my stay in Japan was the strong appreciation of ephemeral beauty of nature and life in general by the Japanese people, and I believe that the best tool we have to capture that brief and fleeting moment of acute beauty is via photography. Beauty is often perceived as something subjective, and I subscribe to such a notion. It is this subjectivity that encourages me to try my best to capture beauty as I believe what beauty is. Although I do often come to the conclusion of how limited my perception is, and how it is difficult for us to break away from conventional definition of beauty. A rather sad and discouraging thought.

Nevertheless that is not a reason to stop photography for me. One thing humanity can learn from mathematics is that what we can see, touch and hear, may not be all that is there in our universe. Dirac's contribution to modern science for examply, via the prediction of the existance of antimatter was a form of mathematical beauty which is both aweinspiring and ground-breaking in that it preceeded empirical observation.

Our narrow band of perceivable spectrum of sensation is rather like a cage whereby a thoughtful "artist" would try to break free. I take photographs when I feel that my state of mind would allow me to break free from this mental cage. I fail almost all the time."