My Living Room In the UK, anything to do with the purchasable material world is of utmost importance, and nothing is more important than your house/flat. The only TV programs that rival the fertility of cook shows in the UK are programs about property buying, selling, renovating, auctioning etc etc. I think there is at least one per day, although most are re-runs (the British seem to have a very short term memory when it comes to TV programs).

I've never been to a country so obsessed by the idea of owning you own piece of land on this tiny island. Not that it bothers me, in contrary, I find it fascinating. Analysing property market in the UK is an art. The English talk about property as passionately as French talk about food.

After more than 12 months hear, I've been bitten by the Property-Bug (PB). Having a miserable income, it is impossible for me to buy anything respectable in the South East of England. The prices of nice houses in this region of England are well-known to be exorbitant. But that won't stop me from looking at websites and following the movement of the market.

Recently, my partner and I have come to a quasi-decision to perhaps consider a possible purchase of a property together. The cooling market and our disgust with Epsom have some role in pushing us to look more closely, and I think I have found one nice house in a rather remote corner of Surrey. But nothing is settled yet of course. We are both novice and the most expensive thing that we both own is our Apple MacBook (each), so it is daunting to embark on the first step of "climbing the property ladder". It feels almost as if you are finally a real adult. Scary.

So how does one decide on buying a house and spend over 250,000 GBP on a roof? Do we just wake up one morning and say to one self, hey I'm going to see my banker today and get a mortgage to buy a house. Or do we have to have a masterplan to own a property? Any advice from other real adults would be appreciated.

To be continued...