So funny. The old shit. Had a discussion with a customer tonight.
Nikon: shit/great
Canon: shit/great.

Whatever you want to see - you'll see it. It's not this bunch of plastic, electronics and glass in your hands - it's your eyes, your vision, your creativity and your imagination.

If you have all this: you can use just a simple 80$-LOMO and take fantastic shots. If not: take your 1D, D3 or whatever (even a Hasselblad won't help...) and your 20k-lenses and equipment and just get lost. That's it. That's the whole thing.

Don't waste time in boring anybody with this "my camera is better than yours"-bullshit - if you don't agree with the above, you did not understand what photography is about.

Another funny thing: "Never ask a man what make his camera is. If he owns a Nikon, he will tell you, if not - he will shut up"  :-) So just smile and have fun shooting