Well, another successful weekend away on the lovely site!

I arrived (as usual) on friday night, weighed down again with alcohol, food and climbing tat, ready for another action packed, fun filled, bailiff hating weekend.

Crossing the field, I didn't see the usual crowd of hippies gathered on the roof of the squat, in fact all seemed quiet...until I heard laughter coming from somewhere above me, and then a voice shouted "Pixi".

Looking up, I spotted a happy face, smiling down from the newly built tree house! I couldn't refuse the excited offer to go see inside, and I quickly dumped my baggage down on the floor and scarpered up the tree...(I might add at this point, that I was wearing a short punky skirt, and there was a male protestor below..promising not to look up...which he later admitted he did). lol

Inside was soooo cozy! She had really made a big effort, and it was really secure, and kinda reminded of a giant dome..due to the tarp ceiling!

She talked me through all the great points....opening roof, possibility of a sun terrace, and the toilet....(lets not talk about that...lol).

I had not been in a tree house since 1998 when I lived on Bass Rec in Derby, and it was amazing to be in one again...I didn't want to get out, in fact, the brief thought of waiting for her to vacate her new pride and joy, then slapping a section 6 on it, and squatting it (for a laugh) entered my mind....but considering how much she'd hurt me...I changed my mind...lol

After the oooh's and cooings over it, we descended down, leaving others in the tree next door to build their new home, and went onto site.

Suprisingly, it was quiet, as most of the protestors had gone to Glastonbury to earn some money on the litter pick, and others had toddled off to various other protest sites for a day or two, but nonetheless it was awesome to be back "home".

I was greeted again, with smiles, and as the weather was so mild, we decided to gather wood for a decent fire, and set about making a lovely pile in the fire pit.

It was only whilst picking up tinder from the floor that I noticed a dirty great mound of...well...... wood, dirt, metal etc (with a chimney).

Thinking that we may be housing the 7 dwarfs, I scanned the site. But on NOT seeing snow white dangling form a climbing harness, or having a fag in the communal, I dared to ask what this "thing" was.

I was told that the "thing", was in fact, our top of the range site oven! And was also informed that a couple of protestors had nipped out for flour...(but they mysteriously NEVER came back).

There was talk of baked potatoes for dinner, but a tasty dish of pasta was served instead up (I wasnt hungry though).

Whilst admiring the oven, I met a lovely young protestor wandering around, who introduced herself, and we started chatting about her history, and she has to be the youngest person I've met...who has the most colourful past!!!

She's an animal rights activst, some may say an extremist, but she has amazing morals, that I find a bit bizarre, but although she is facing possible jail time in her tender teens for her beliefs, (and for that, she has to be admired), she still had a big smile on her face, and was doing her bit in securing the rabbit warren in the squat...bless her.

After dinner, we all sat around the fire, that was happily blazing away, and chatted about site, and various other bizarre things. I cracked out the Vodka, donated by my lovely hubby, and the "booze wine"..(which is I believe, a mixture of wine and lots of different beers)-- (donated by the protestors at the Nine Ladies site) was passed around with joy.

I normally hate spirits..... (the alcohol kind...I'm not predjudiced against our dead friends), but that I decided that night, to make an exception and get pissed.

BIG MISTAKE.....as I ended up, talking complete and uter slurred waffle for ages, before (I am told), wandering off the the back of the squat for a lie down. I kinda remember waking up to several protestors looking concerned, and I tried to tell them I was ok...but for some reason my tongue didn't work, so I  just thought "sod it", and threw up!

Now, I'm not adverse to a bit of vomit every now and then, but maybe getting so damn innebriated, that I lie in a pool of my own sick, in the rain, with my dreadlocks in pools of mud...whilst giggling profusely, isn't such a great idea.

In the end,it took a burly protestor, to decide enough was enough, and despite my proests of the fact I wasn't ready to get off the floor, he virtually carried me to a tent and put me to bed...lol

The next day (or rather afternoon) when I got up, I was soooo ill. I had a hangover from hell, and slowly made my way to have a wee (hooray no nettles!!!!), and then went into the communal for coffee and sympathy...of which there was little of.

The day was pretty much a blurry mess of hangover hell, and despite my sitting around and being useless, I could hear constant banging in my head...or was it the protestors inside the squat, busily building their rabbit warren?

One of the best parts of the day, had to be when we had an arrival of tyres, (for lock ons), delivered by a lovely Greenpeace man, who also gave me a carabiner for my harness...bless him!

The absoloute highlight (and I speak for all of us), was when our saviour arived donning a wheelbarrow FULL of food, and closely follwed by protestors carrying huge boxes of food, and alcohol and unmentionable goodies!!!!

We have the kindness of that lovely man, and also the fantastic staff at SB's to thank. If you guys were here now...I'd kiss ya all!!

That evening, we had the most delish meal ever...comprising of lovely donated ingredients and fresh nettles from the garden, and instantly morale on site was boosted, and even I started to feel healthier!!!

After yet another night of singing, guitar playing and general merry making, it was time to sleep again...listening to the rain beating down in the tree houses.....

This morning brought more bloody rain, off and on constantly, so the things we needed to do were hindered, but we managed to make progress on the tripod.

I was told that apparently, the bailiffs had visited site earlier in the week, and had said that they had already decided how to remove the roof tripod....the buggers. Little do they know of the immense plans we have in store....lol

We had more visitors to site today, in the shape of our fave Greenpeace lady, who donned lovely goodies as always, and a smiling face, and our 2 fave Earth Firsters..cheeky chaps with cameras!! lol

Its always nice to see them all on site, as they bring a great energy with them, and also give us a kick up the ass to do things press related too...so thanks guys!!!!

Ahhh, I do have to say one last thing.....I was realayed a messge of sympathy, and offers of cream for my nettled nethers....but I'm happy to report that this Prickled Little Pixi is now nettle free and healing well!!!! But I appreciate the concern! lol

That pretty much sums up this weekend...not as exciting as last, although we did have the coppers again for a brief visit...more to let us know they are there I guess.

And this time I went home empty handed, no protestors....instead we dropped a couple of em off at the train station as they are bimbling off to T in the park...lucky beggers!!

And here I am now, back in society (and it sucks), when all I wanna do, if run off and play with my dirty hippy friends, but at least I'm still sat in my filthy site clothes, in protest of being forced back here.

If my husband thinks I'm having a shower he can think again....nostalgia is kicking in, and I've only been a few hours off site....

                                            Pixi. x