So, I am going on vacation on the 10th. AS WE ALL KNOW BY NOW. (Sorry, I never go on vacations, I am excite). That means I leave work one week early though (which I can, due to saved up vacation days).

Now, the thing is, I have to give my music class a summer assignment. And I have to give it to them early. I went with giving them the option between two tasks.

Song: 21 Guns from the musical American Idiot (not the original Green Day version, the cast + orchestra version).

Task 1: Analyze and interpret lyrics and sheet music. Sheet music will be provided. Compose an essay including character/mood, mode (major/minor), melodics, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, emphases and the whole shebang. Basically - really dry and annoying analysis.

Task 2: Perform the song under one of the follow conditions -

a) Sing the song alone with a proper backing track (provided).

b) Perform the song alone on an instrument of your choice (sheet music provided).

c) Sing the song in a group with a proper backing track (provided).

d) Perform the song in a group on an instrument of your choice (sheet music provided, can also be mixed with vocals).

So basically, I am expecting a lot of the kids to go for Task 2 but I am aware that people might not be comfortable with performing in front of the whole class.
But whoever has the guts and/or talent will be rewarded.

Whoever decides to go through the struggle of a giant-ass analysis will also be rewarded. I don’t expect any bad submissions or performances! I will be excited to see what the kids come up with.

Either way, I think I was pretty fair with picking their summer assignment.

And there is one more surprise, we will be officially singing 21 Guns in the cast version with the school choir after summer break! DO U KNO HOW XCITE I AM?
I have been obsessed with the song and I just casually let it slip during music teach meet-up and COINCIDENTALLY, I had the sheet music with me, and everyone really liked it!

We get to cast two girl soloists and one guy and it will be so sweet. I really want to give the smaller choir members a chance to audition too, so we don't pick the usual 11th and 12th graders.

Aaah, sometimes I really freaking love my job. Now I am off to SING 21 GUNS REALLY LOUDLY TO MY NEIGHBOURS. <3