Yaay, I feel the motivation coming along! It must be the weather change, it pours over here!

As I mentioned before, I will be on vacation from June 10th on and I don't know for how long yet.

For whoever is interested:
My mother and her partner have purchased a new vacation home late last year at the Pommersche Seenplatte. They have been working on it and improving it for the summer and everything seems to be set up now. My brother, who's two years older and works with maladjusted children and teens, is finally getting some time off. He barely gets vacation and if he does, he usually has to be in the city in case of emergency calls. So you see, family vacation hasn't even been a consideration for the longest time for us.
BUT, the Pixel family has finally found a time to come together. The last time I've seen everyone was Christmas!
I am very excited because my moms vacation home is directly at a lake with a little private beach entrance. Moe will also be with us and I know he will be having a blast running free and exploring! He's a city and apartment dog but he'll love to have some freedom (even though he has a bit of a problem riding cars).

Anyway, the reason WHY I am uber excited now is that I finally got to get new beach wear! I can't remember when I've been to a beach last. I usually love the water and I love swimming but Berlin just doesn't give you the opportunities. This is the only thing that I am missing about my hometown, my hometown is directly at the Baltic Sea and makes going to the beach quite easy.

Now if you are super interested, this is what my new beachy wear looks like ~

( www.hm.com/de/product/08714?article=08714-E#article=08714-B )

I am really lucky I could snag this one in a 32-34 in-stores. It's like half a size smaller than on the website.
Yay small chests!