Yet another day of passing out after work and yet another night of sitting awake with no freaking clue what to do.
My boiling anger regarding Flickr has not passed yet.
I still refuse to support that portal one single bit.

I just assume that my article can be somewhat of a journal too, right? Am I breaking any ToS here? No? Brilliant!

I started to watch Grimm but I am at S02E13 now and thus 'almost' done with catching up again.
I need to put a to-do list here regarding TV Shows and general things that I NEED TO DO these days.

Ready? Here we go:

Finish the last Dexter season - I started it but it starts so lame and predictable and I have to force myself to conitnue.

Watch Game of Thrones season 2 and 3 - I watched the first season entirely with a friend, which drove me to continue. But now that I can't watch it with my friend anymore, I lack motivation.

Take US candy pictures for my candy tumblr - I keep blaming this on the fact that I don't want to take pictures of candy with crappy lighting. Me working + sleeping right after work + waking up in the middle of the night = crap lighting. But let's face it, I am just a lazy slothy sloth.

Welp, I think that's it for now!