I should have written this much earlier, but had this ideas just yesterday. In a german speaking forum www.nikon-fotografie.de/vbulletin/cmps_index.php a group of people started a project to support a region in africa, the Mbulu region which has massive water problems. So far, they collected about 10.000 Euros. Concluding a calender with 12 africa pictures will be produced and sold. The pictures will be selected in a competition. The shots in the competition can be seen here www.nikon-fotografie.de/vbulletin/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=525

I am sure this calender will be fantastic. All return from this calendar will be given to the project. Thus, buying a calender is not only beneficial, but you also get fantastic 12 africa images.

From what is written shipment to europe seems not to be a problem. In case, I would be happy to ask them for any other shipment destinations. Just drop me an email.

Everything started with this picture:


Some info about the Mbulu calender project:


The shop where you can order the calender:



This is the organization which will receive the donation

www.solidarmed.ch and this describes the project for which the money will be used



My shot which was selected for the calendar (so far no public announcement has been made about the selected pictures, but I suppose this will happen in the next few days, if not hours)

Shadow and light.


You can also help, if you help to make this more public. Thanks!!!!