After we left the Etosha National Park, we visited a San village. It is said, that the San were the first inhabitants of southern africa. They are also called bushmen. Compare their physical constitution with my shots from the Himbas. The San are just 1.40 to 1.60 tall and their whole constitution is very airy (hope that's the right word). Today it is estimated that in about 100000 (that's what Wikipedia is saying) Sans are living in southern aftrica. The Sans are typically not able to live according to their traditions. For instance, they cannot really hunt, because they do not own the land.

We actually visited what they call a living museum. After arrival at the village, we paid a specific amount (which is solely for the people of the village) and then they changed into their traditional clothes and demonstrated their traditions: They walked with us through the bushes, showing us how they used to hunt, what is eatable etc. Then they manufactured bows, arrows and embellishments and finally danced.

Although, this all sounds just like a show for tourists, it was very different, since it was very obvious that they enjoyed it. And my impression was that they would happily return to that way of living. Having visited the Himbas and the Sans, I question myself what right the so called civilized world has imposing our standards onto that people.

Bush walk Huts San children some more shots to follow....