My travel through Namibia commences. The next stop is at the semi-nomadic people, the Himbas. Besides the landscape of Namibia, this was one of the most striking impressions of this whole travel. The Himbas life in Kraals, an assembly of a few clay huts. They still live to the most simple standards, which nobody could imagine, no tv, no radio... nothing. Just the huts where they sleep on a fur. They feed from corn and once a week they'll have some meat. They are totally adapted to their environment in which water is sparse. Thus, they use it accordingly, just for cooking and drinking. They never wash therselfes with water. Instead they put a creme on their body which consists of  pounded special red stone and fat. Further, they expose their body to smoke, produced by burning a self made mixture of herbs.

It is striking how little they need to be content, compared to our way of life which seems to be well on the way to destroy our planet.

Himba Kraal (1) Himba Kraal (2) . .