I thought I'd discovered a great thing in share.ovi.com. It takes all filetypes, works pretty well with my almighty N95 cell, and there are lots of gabby people there eager to comment on pics. Most the time they don't post in english though so I have nfc what they're saying, and anyway turns out ovi is really slow on the upload and downright crap at editing/displaying some media types. So, on to the next great thing- Ipernity!

I've heard good things, and so far I'm not disappointed... I daresay I'm even impressed.  Now I've got all the capabilities of Ovi, a Flickr-esque sorting tool, a draw-on/edit crap thing like Photobucket but better, plus some add'l perks like this very blog.  So how useful is all that really?  Well, let's take this recent pic from Portus for example:


In a word, it's shit. I took this at the last Drunk Eaters party and it shows, b/c I had to be drunk to look at this in my viewfinder and think 'ummm... yeah that's OK *hic*'

It's dark to the point it's nearly useless, I dunno wtf went wrong with my cam's light sensor here, but anyway never fear!

Just fire up Ipernity's pic fabulizer, and a few mins later...





... Ta-da!

Much better- now I can post this around town without feeling like I have a 'my camera sucks and/or I'm a moron!' sign around my neck. Andrew will be so pleased lol. And hey, XOXO's to Angie and the DE gang for a truly bechin time!

P.S. Clickety click thru these pics, or www.ipernity.com/doc/phairest/album/75904 to apparate into my Portus album (or collection rather, I didn't take everything in there personally). I also made an open group to pool Portus media in case anyone wants to hop aboard- this thing takes Facebook keys and a few others, and has a tool to batch upload from Flickr...