I lack the means and strength to seek new stars
though dear would have possessed
those which I found prove fragile
as a harmless snowflected mouse at caught
cats' paws play; I am alone, rare and a brother
to dragons, honored but as a companion to owls,
abstract and unable to demonstrate my theorem.
Of no great moment, as scholars find much fault
therein, though they be fools no less than I,
they too seek mysteries in bagatelles and bags of shells.
Had I time to go to Milan, had I all
the wherewithall to seek shopkeepers,
millers, weavers, lovers, reivers,
could I recoup a courtiers' rage of pavanry
by candlelight or stars, then could I well recall,
recall too well what the haunting music hesitates
to state overdistinctly,
over precisely,

In Milan,
in the game of angels,
kits and ladies' slippers vie
as trumps thought mercies count for little
seldom more than pebbles, and rarely
half as wecome, sparkling jewels for less;
and yet lackluster pearls and flame-stained opals
outscore hearts. All this perhaps is
as it should be, at least at vespers.

I too, I too
falchioned as needs rose and rued
rosemaries, all long autums past
and all in duchies less imperial,
less empirical, and so all the more,
than Milan whose clouded pleasantries are sham
duplicities and false as halls of mirrors
looking forward, looking backward,
looking glasses simply.
In Milan, so it seems,
souls are mint and vespers,
nothing more, no more at all:
there is no end to such a journey.

Nevertheless l,
I will go unto Milan,
even to see the miracle, go straked
in finery and ribbly dapped to shame
the milaners, torn cat's skins trigged
tug about my knees in ragtag wantonry,
and come vespers I will hear the music,
all the voice of angels as I lie dying,
after the fashion in Milan;
the more's the pity,
I should have been allowed to live,
to prey with owls and feast with drakes.

I didn't really write this, as anyone who knows me knows. I was a vehicle for another, years ago. One of leather, metal and animal scent. His presence has long gone.But, I wrote them in my name, as I do not know his. Dragon asked me to post this.