To make her resemble a hot-cross bun
Brandon branded his sister with his soldering gun

There's something luxurious about a marset's nose
That makes it colder than its toes,
so that even with all that luxurious fur
His usual comment is simply "brr"

Merciful heavens, what a to-do
when Aunt Tabith's budgie flew into the stew,

The musk ox we know is an ugly brute
But female oxen find him really cute;
This proves, I suppose, that what we call a rose
By any other name is a 'chacun a sa chose....'

Daphne MacDougall, in snit of anger,
Announced resolutely she'd not eat her banger;
Her frugalsome father
said 'Damn and bother!'
'A pox on the bratlet! Gibbet and hang her!'

Plantagenet Pence was eternally worried
His cavalry mount wasn't properly curried
His thunderbox-wallah
One certain Abdallah,
Had always maintained one must stew a horse unhurried.

I hope this is easier to read than my poems...for none of them went anywhere...