things to say about brown



you tell me brown is underrated.

it is true what you say about brown.

it is not allowed in the rainbow, it is excluded from stained glass. it is oddly non-chromatic. where is the brown segment in the spectrum? if you split light brown does not fall out.


it does have dark associations....

far too earthy for the theorists of light,

but it has range and great profundity, it is a most useful colour, practical and plain.

it stands near red but red ignores it, preferring to talk to sunny yellow, to mingle with peaceful blue.

how would we grow without brown?

it holds green up to the sky.

it nourishes.

it stands next to grey and is humble.


mix all the colours together and you will find brown there

in my experience.


some have classified it as a tone, like black or white or grey, but that is quite unfair.

brown has its own warmth, white things go brown in ovens, and pink people turn brown in the sun.


brown is old. brown bears the marks and smears of time. the smudge of memory. brown is not outworn. brown is plain and useful, brown is everyday.


the rich burnished auburn of a new conker.


it is unfortunate that we in this muddy island have just recently acquired (no-one knows how, it just seemed inevitable) a pudgy, pale and pasty-faced presbyterian prim-minister whose name was already Brown before he started.

otherwise we might just eulogise a little, we might extol....


the autumn field. the soft forest.


soon now all the leaves will be autumns, there will be nakedness among trees.


and all will be a still brown that is almost grey.