Well, where do I start? I work a full time job out here in Alberta, Canada. By full time I mean 50 to 70 hours a week. My job does not allow me a lot of time to do the things I love. Of course that means time with the family and my hobby of nature photography is limited. My models are usually my grand daughters, daugthers and a very reluctant model of a wife.

I love nature. Everything from bugs to whales and everything in between. How could you not admire a beautiful bird such as a hawk soaring above you. The flight feathers adjusting themselves to maintan a specific path or looking for that updraft from the warm ground beneath.

How about a gorgeous Wood Lily as it opens up to the warm morning sun. Nestled in with the wild Blueberries and wild Strawberries. What could be better than going for a stroll, eating a few berries and just taking in natures beauty

I love to go camping and fishing. But the thrill of going out camping has lessen the last few years as it seems that our camping neighbours want to bring the noise of the city with them. Oh could I go on about this, but will not. At least right now!

I am not sure if I am a photographer or not. I love to take photos more to tell a story about what I have seen than to work on the rule of thirds. Oh well maybe one day that might happen.
I do plan on writing more articles as the time allows me to. I feel I have so much to share with my friends here on Ipernity.
Stay safe and have a great day my friends!