Games ! When I typed "just thinking" -- oh, I thought .. Peggy what in the world are you going to do now?
Read the article Max Kooser [ one of my Ip friends ] wrote about what others
[ especially across the pond ] think about Americans .... based on the tv shows available to them .. the stupid shows ..

Have I watched them? Just long enough to know ... click ... that is not what I'll spend my time doing.

There is a mute button on the remote ... it will probably wear out before the remote does.

Use it .. from everyting 'big pharma' wants me to ask my Doctor about -- a pill for everything ... sure !

Head to toe -- they have a pill to cure it.

We all have shows we prefer ... we also shut the tv off. Amazing things one can do when it is off.

Go through photo folders ... dump photos you never should have kept ... talk to somebody .. write .... yes, write a letter ... and on and on and on..

Life is short enough. Spend that time wisely. Not on junk the tv people think we want. Did anybody ever ask you want you wanted on tv ?
Not me.

But, my opinion is probably not one they ..whoever they are .. would like.

Okay, am done with my rant...

Got some photos to go through - weed out - sort - and maybe post !

Have a great day/evening/night -- wherever you might be,