When somebody new introduces themselves to you, what do you use as a 'key' to remember their name?
I am horrible about names; I can remember what somebody wore; what car somebody drove .. but, not their name !
My across-the-street-neighbor came out while I was weeding the flower bed along the walk. She was at the end of the walk [had her beautiful dog out to walk with her].
I remember the name of the dog and how old he is -- but, can I remember her name ---- NO !
Maybe she won't remember mine, either !

But, her dog is 16y.o. and his name is 'Yahoo' ... so much for name-recall !

Tis a bit cool, but the warmth of the Sun made it a nice session --- just the darn songbirds -- chirping and singing away ! They should all come with name tags - at least until I learn who is who !

Have a great new Week ~