Was looking at some group photos when the message below popped onto my screen!
Access temporarily suspended
We are currently detecting abnormal activity from your IP address.
If you consider your use of ipernity as "normal", here are some possible reasons for this error:

Do you use an ISP / corporate proxy? Please contact us to increase your access quota from your IP address.

If you are using the following applications, thank you for deactivating them since they are not compatible with ipernity.
NetNewsWire (newsreader)
Scrapbook (plugin)
WebMynd (plugin)
Your PC may be infected by a virus.

Nothing listed? No idea about this problem? Please send a copy of this page to the customer support.

If you intentionally are the cause of this problem, we request you to stop immediately. Your IP address will be permanently blocked and you could be prosecuted.
Please wait a few minutes before reloading the requested page.

So, copied this to my Draft folder. Eventually, got my iPernity site to reload, but -- where the dickens is 'Customer Support' ? Looked under .. contact us .. nothing happened - no drop down window -- nada .. zilch.

Just think this is really weird !