French Bread ..  Gluten free

[new group added] 21/July/2013

.. post photos with recipes of Gluten Free Foods
.. the more resources for this, the better
.. go to the grocery store - see what has wheat/gluten in it
.. especially if you don't have to stay away from wheat/gluten for your health
.. it is not a fad -- it is a health issue -- just ask somebody who gets violently ill after eating something with wheat/gluten in it
.. grated cheese .. wheat?
.. read the label .. sometimes wheat is used to keep the cheese from sticking together
.. garlic powder - why in the world does it need wheat in it ?
.. read the label -- over -- and over -- and over
.. then you will understand why this Group exists

We welcome all recipes that DO NOT contain any wheat/gluten in them.
Please be specific when listing ingredients.
Thank you and enjoy some good food !