This morning, I walked in a community garden and saw many magnolia flowers were blooming, last evening they were just buds. In late afternoon, I was told that my aunt’s husband’s father had passed away this morning, he looked ok and just had some coughing last night.

We are accustomed to the turning of seasons, but can’t accept sickness, accident or even death normally. It doesn’t only mean we differentiate things depending on whether it is related to “me” or not, but also means there’s a potential tendency in our mind --- “should be always like that”, which implies that everything is marked with permanence. So, even for seasons, we may sometime feel more joy with spring and summer, and feel more sadness with autumn and winter. Because our mind attaches to the “permanence” of more lively seasons. But, if you love skiing, you may intend to stay with the “permanence” of winter.

Impermanence is a universal rule, we can’t refuse it, no matter we feel it is a gift or we think it is a punishment. It is just our idea, it is none of impermanence’s business. Neither cling to failure nor success, neither attach to gaining nor loosing, neither bond with joy nor sadness, so that we will not be frustrated by obstacles or induced by emotions, in order to release the greedy or hatred. This is also a way to uncover the “illusion of inherent nature”, which is the root of “permanent concept”!

We can say: ”Certainly, I know everything is changing!” but, it doesn’t mean we can accept that everything is impermanent. Because our “changing” is always staying with “permanence”。