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Nottingham City Council need your help to spread the message about two children that we are still seeking adoptive parents for after over 1 year.

In fact one of these children might need a family exactly like yours….

With over 444 children in care with Nottingham City Council we are always actively seeking new foster carers and adoptive parents to match and meet the needs of these children. Being a foster carer or adoptive parent is both very challenging, yet very satisfying. This National Adoption Week, November 5th – 12th, 2007, we are hoping to find adoptive parents for two very special children and here they are…

Sarah, aged 3 and a bit

Ethnic Descent: White British

Sarah, aged a little over 3, is an enchanting little girl who has lived with the same carers since coming into care in December 2006. Sarah has severe disabilities and complex health issues. Sh

e was born prematurely at 27 weeks gestation and she has severe visual and hearing loss. Sarah is fed through a tube in her tummy and she is now gaining weight satisfactorily. Sarah will need a wheel chair as she grows older.

Sarah is able to make herself understood by making different noises and different facial expressions. When she is happy she giggles or laughs out loud. Her carers recognise her signals and can respond appropriately. Sarah loves to play with sensory toys and enjoys cuddles and kisses. Sarah is very rewarding to care for and once her initial routine is established she fits easily into family life and she enjoys interaction with both adults and children.

Detailed and specific info will be available to prospective adopters including the opportunity to discuss Sarah’s health and development issues with her medical advisors.

Paul, aged 3 and a half
Ethnic Descent: White British

Paul is a real little character. He is a sociable little boy who laughs and smiles a lot. Paul is very attached to his carers and he has lived with them since leaving hospital. Paul was born very prematurely and suffered a haemorrhage to his brain around the time of his birth. Paul is growing slowly although he is still small for his age. His feeding is slow and he has small amounts of pureed food preferring his puddings to his dinner! Paul can walk and climb and enjoys playing with his bright, colourful noisy toys and watching Cbeebies. Paul is not talking and his carers are helping him to learn to communicate using Makaton. Paul continues to be seen regularly by his paediatrician and she considers that he has learning disabilities and some features of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Despite everything, Paul has made good progress with the love and support of his carers who find caring for him very rewarding. Detailed and specific information will be available to prospective adopters, including the opportunity to discuss Paul’s health and developmental issues with the Agency’s Medical Advisor.

If you could assist by becoming the adoptive parent or parents for either of these children we would like to hear from you. If it’s not you but you know someone who has the abilities to fulfil the needs of Sarah or Paul please let them know that now is the time to come forward.

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