...and still away I am...
well, things change from time to time and I was sure that I had control over my life. I haven´t. Not anymore.
Things just go on happening and I have this strange feeling that a day doesn´t have 24 hours anymore...
...actually I have read weird articles about this "thing"...:))))

So, today I decided to take a deeper look at my ipernity account again and voilá, I was not connected and couldn´t remember my password. So I created a new one and found out that I had a second ipernity account, opened years ago. I did not even remember that and obviously deleted it, as it was empty anyway. But then I had to find this one and again the trouble with the password...
...oh well, I don´t want to bother you with these things exactly when a splendid (supposed to be) year is starting. I wish you bright and happy days...nothing, nothing else, because this is all we need and everything else just follows in the same atmosphere.

Meanwhile I have to say to myself (seriously) that with time we start to forget about things a little bit. :)
Nothing to worry about though...is there?
If you know anything important about this matter, please let me, let us all know.
It might help to remember passwords in the future?

:))Carpe Diem!!!