As I mentioned under my last post, I have been and still am away from ipernity and the Internet in general. Sometimes in life we just have to take a break, to avoid collapsing or something like that. It was happening to me, as I started a big reform at my home almost half an year ago and it is still happening and why not to say...driving me crazy.
I would probably never do it again. It is almost ready now and I am starting to see some results. Why do we people do these things to ourselves? I wonder. Anyway, the place was needing it and now I feel like starting a new chapter in my life. Happens to most of us at least once in a lifetime. So, I am not telling you anything new.
However, I cannot keep from mentioning how this affects each individual in a different way. I would never imagine how deeply things like these could interfere with our daily life. How fragile we are, or at least some of us. I am not the same after this experience. I had to learn to deal with the most unusual characters, who promised me the blue from the skies and wouldn´t keep it at all. I am sad to have to admit that my country is going through very difficult moments and this is reflected in all possible levels of the society, including (strongly affecting) the people whom I needed to hire to do the reform (renovation) works. It was supposed to be about fun, about getting prepared for a new and lighter home, etc. Unfortunately it happened to cause some damages to me as a person and I wish I was over it already. However, I will.
Why am I writing this? It is nothing positive after all. Well, in a way it is to say to you that you are not alone, as I suspect that it happens all around the world and I was not aware of it.
And still there is beauty to enjoy :)
So, I feel like going for it again from now on.

Thank you for your visits, comments, faves.
Thank you for your support during my absence.
Much appreciated!