Hello everyone.
flickr, ipernity, wherever there is beautiful photography to admire, I will be and I also will try to adapt to rules, old or new, always when there is mutual respect, which is obviously a condition.
I am happy to have joined this delicate website, which reminds me of my first calm flickr days. Later on everything changed so much, when I decided to administrate a number of groups. However, there is light and joy in all of these aspects and as I always mention...there is a different way to see and to feel to each one of us.
Wonderful experiences can be made just everywhere, as long as we try to understand each other, always keeping in mind that there are huge differences between the myriads of cultures all around the world.
I am happy to meet my old flickrfriends here and I am also very honoured to meet
other great ipernity members.
Thank you all, who already welcomed me.