Let me start by telling you that many of us came over here from Flickr, back in the summer of 2007. We found a new, comfortable home here, and (almost) everything was fine. And then, on April 9th 2013, after many months of nothing happening here, the design of ipernity has completely changed. And when I write "completely", I surely mean it! And boy, did we complain!!!

NOTHING was like we were used to it, EVERYTHING had changed! We couldn't find our own stuff anymore, we couldn't reply to comments, we missed a lot of features, there were lots of bugs ... BUT:

Ipernity's staff was extremely helpful, listened to us, responded very fast and obviously worked very hard to fix everything they could - and then came the Flickr change. Which makes me think that the whole thing surely couldn't have been a coincidence, or could it? After all, ipernity was well PREPARED for the masses and greeted them readily and with open arms - and maybe even with larger, better servers, who knows? ;-)))

Anyway, welcome Ex-Flickr members! I'm sure we all will find our way around here again - sooner or later - and live happily ever after ...