Since several weeks, my tags list over at Flickr was completely wrong. I reported that in the forum, 2 months ago, together with other related issues. Initially, Kevin wrote he added that to the "to-do" list. The problem: I had deleted a set of 50 photos, but the tags for those photos were still there, even as there were no more photos associated with them. After the initial report, the other issues were solved, but my tags remained.

I bumped the thread 4 weeks later, no reaction. Again, I bumped it after 2 more weeks - again, no reaction.

Today, after the recent smoking kid censorship, a Panda group simply disappeared from Flickr. Heather's statement in the forum was the usual "we can do what we want without notifying anyone" bla bla bla ...

In this discussion, I reminded her of my unresolved tags isssue, and just like last time, when I had publicly reminded her of an unanswered mail to the staff (in reference to my refund request), within 5 minutes my problem was "resolved": They had simply deleted my tags in a single stroke. ALL my tags!

Well, I guess that's another "community service", where you actually don't know if you should laugh or cry. But on the other side: What am I still doing over there, other than entertaining the forum with translations of "flickrs peace joy egg cake mentality"? I think pretty soon I too, will finally say for good: Flap too, ape dead! ;-)))

And, since they refuse to refund my pro money: Does anyone want to buy a slightly used Flickr pro account? ;-)

* * *
Kurzfassung auf Deutsch:

Nachdem meine Tags Liste bei Flickr monatelang Tags von Bildern gezeigt hat, die schon lange geloescht waren, hat Madame Heather heute nach einem erneuten Hinweis von mir im Forum kurzen Prozess gemacht, und das Problem "geloest": Innerhalb von 5 Minuten haben sie meine Tags geloescht. ALLE meine Tags!

Ein weiterer Fall von "Community Service", bei dem man nicht weiss, ob man nun lachen oder weinen soll...

Vor ein paar Tagen gab es die Affaire mit dem geloeschten Foto eines rauchenden Kindes, heute wurde eine Panda-Gruppe geschlossen, ohne die Admins davon zu informieren, morgen werden sie ... ja, was kommt nun als naechstes?

Da meine Bitte um Rueckerstattung von Flickr inzwischen bereits zweimal abgelehnt wurde: Moechte vielleicht jemand einen leicht gebrauchten Flickr Pro Account kaufen? ;-)))