First, they changed the video player, and now my videos take hours to load and nobody can enjoy them anymore. As a test, I uploaded a video to YouTube, and embedded it in my ipernity blog - no problems there, the video can be seen just fine and loads instantly.

But when I have to upload a video to another site first, just so I (and the people who care for my videos) can actually see it, then why don't I tell everybody right away to watch my videos on YouTube instead here on ipernity?

And then they changed the network pages - holy crap!

Since weeks, I don't have a family anymore, as you can clearly see on this screenshot:

Actually, the new network pages are the opposite of "more accurate with a better layout" - for me (and several of my closest contacts) they basically suck! <-Excuse my wording, but in the meantime, I am extremely frustrated!

For more comments and a lengthy discussion, please click on the screenshot above. Maybe the comments there (most of them are in German, but fortunately there is this handy little translate link under every comment) will help the team to realize how many people are unhappy with the new layout.

As from the beginning, I still value the customer service here at ipernity, because it is personal, friendly, and highly attentive. But the explanations given about the new network algorithm are not satisfactory at all.

Could we PLEASE have the link to the old layout working again, and have a choice as of which layout we want to see as default? The link to the old layout is still there, but when I click on another link from there, I will always be redirected to the new crap.

Thank you for listening, Team ipernity, and PLEASE make using our favorite photo sharing site fun again - the fun it used to be when we migrated here from "the other site", almost 2 years ago ...

As for now, my only choice is to bookmark the page I want to see:

(You would have to change "pandarine" to your own user name to make it work for you - thank you, Olaf, for this valuable tip!)

Update (May 4th): The link doesn't work anymore.