Although not triggered by recent events in the financial markets, they have certainly reinforced a changing attitude to the vagaries of life that I have observed in myself over the past few months. As the world outside gets ever more desperate, I find myself becoming more introspective, more inward looking. Don't get me wrong - I still fume and do a Meldrew at the stupidities of politicians and bureaucrats, but I no longer have the urge to get out there and break down walls and change things.

Is this age related? I have just turned 62, and I know from bitter experience that I have bugger all chance of making a difference politically. Indeed my head is still sore from 40 odd (some very odd, but that's another story) years of brick walls. So I suppose it is. Whatever the trigger, from now on life is for me and my family and I shall do whatever seems like a good idea at the time.

For now that means my energies are directed into creative activity. Alongside photography and digital artwork I am sketching and painting and I have just started a printmaking workshop where I hope to learn and develop new skills. At the moment I am concentrating on monoprinting and collagraphy. If I get involved in the community again it will be artistically, joining with other artists and writers to share and talk and generally have a good time - and about bloody time too...

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