Pecha Kucha we all know, give a mike to a designer (especially an architect) and you'll be trapped for hours. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system for avoiding this fate. Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each - giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.

This is definitely something I wish I had known about when I was a 'wage slave'. It looks a good format for showing our own pictures too. I don't know if the rules allow moving slides, but I guess I was feeling towards this idea with this

So here is something to think about for when groups arrive here - how about a Pecha-Kucha group? It could be a general repository for presentations or we could set themes and challenges.