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  • Inspired by Rock Art

    - 10 years ago - 1 comment
    golf balls 2
    I realised I hadn't been here for 9 months - longer in terms of blogging, so I have posted a batch of new images, all based on the Rock Art found in Northumberland. The gallery 'Rock Art Sketches' shows the original pastel sketches, while the gallery 'Inspired by Rock Art' shows the digital prints made from those sketches. The digital prints will soon be reworked further into a set of 'handpulled prints' incorporating silk screen, collagraph and other print forms. I'm considering selling the…

  • War artists in Afghanistan and Iraq

    - October 23, 2009
    I've just found two slide shows on the BBC web site showing work by two British war artists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Matthew Cook - Arabella Dorman - Even without considering the circumstances in which this work was done, they would be excellent, but the context makes them even more important. To see why look at the portrait about 55 secs into Arabella Dorman's slide show.

  • New on Etsy

    - June 16, 2009
    Because Etsy's approach to SEO seems suspect at best, I'm going to post here every time I add something to my Etsy shop (as well as on Facebook / Twitter etc). That way I have a fighting chance of Google finding my listing... So - here are the last three (I'll be adding links to my 'back catalogue' over time too): Lonely Crowd Send in the Clones Faces in the crowd

  • Guest blogging at Time Goes By

    - June  8, 2009
    I have a guest post coming up at Ronni Bennett's blog on aging, ' Time Goes By '. Its well worth a read at any time. but I hope you'll drop by and read my own post on Preparing for Death (it isn't as gloomy as it sounds!) It is scheduled to come up on June 11th.

  • Update

    - June  8, 2009 - 1 comment
    Sarsen Stones
    Nothing posted in a while, not because nothing is going on, just the opposite! So - printmaking continues I've made lots of ATCs (60+!) for an Etsy promotion I'm also getting my pictures into shops and retail galleries Ridgeway Gallery , Marlborough, England Bluestones Gallery , Devizes, England Another gallery in a tourist area has commissioned me to make some digital pictures of their locality and I will soon be making delivery to them. I'm also entering some…

  • DaWanda

    - April 17, 2009
    I've started selling on a new site DaWanda , based in Germany, but with three platforms in English, French and German. I've posted one of the pictures now for sale in my gallery. Call in and have a look at the pictures for sale. Don't forget also I have an Etsy shop here with 80+ pieces. If you see something on Etsy but would prefer to pay in Euro, let me know and I will list it on DaWanda for you.

  • Free art...

    - February 24, 2009 - 1 comment
    The first 10 people who respond to this post on my main blog will get something made by me. My choice, for you, but I will do my best to respond to input from you... a colour request. This offer does have some conditions: You must make a comment on the main blog to qualify (although comments here are welcome) What I create will be just for you I cannot guarantee you will like what I create (though I can hope!) If you really don't like it, then please feel free to pass it on. You will r…

  • Help Wanted

    - February  5, 2009
    I need some non-english language newspapers for a collage project I'm working on (theme Babel). I have some small amounts in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish, but any language you might have would be wonderful, especially using other alphabets. All I need is a single sheet that you can fit into a normal size letter post envelope. Folds don't matter, age and condition don't matter - in fact old and battered would be welcome! I hope you can help. Please contact me if you can help an…

  • Times change, we change

    - January 13, 2009
    I suppose it is a truism to say that our tastes change as we grow older. Not in all things of course - I still love Duke Ellington and have done ever since I discovered him aged around 15, which is now some 45+ years ago. I still like the music I discovered as a student - Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Leonard Cohen. ...but what else? I ask this because for most of my life I have had no real interest in making art - I have had pictures on my wall and I have been taking photos almost as long…

  • A new venture

    - January  6, 2009
    Sarsen Stones
    I haven't been doing much photographic based work lately, concentrating instead on what is for me a new skill, printmaking.

  • Update...

    - October 30, 2008
    I didn't intend this blog to be once a month posts, but it seems to be working out that way. So, what have I been doing? Most weekends for the last 2-3 months I have been at craft fairs, but foe whatever reason they haven't gone well and most times I have struggled to make my table fee. To make any money at it I really need to take at least 4-5 times that, especially those for which I can be travelling over an hour to get there. Consequently I am reviewing my 'strategy' for next year (that is…

  • Thinking allowed

    - October  1, 2008
    Although not triggered by recent events in the financial markets, they have certainly reinforced a changing attitude to the vagaries of life that I have observed in myself over the past few months. As the world outside gets ever more desperate, I find myself becoming more introspective, more inward looking. Don't get me wrong - I still fume and do a Meldrew at the stupidities of politicians and bureaucrats, but I no longer have the urge to get out there and break down walls and change things.…

  • Devizes Carnival - more

    - September  3, 2008
    IMG 3271
    More photos from the carnival uploaded. Because there are so many, I've used the Ipernity resize function, rather than doing it myself. I'm not very impressed with the resulting quality.

  • Devizes Carnival

    - September  1, 2008
    First batch of photos from the carnival just uploaded.

  • Summer in the City

    - August 21, 2008
    Because we haven't had one, I've just uploaded three summery images - taken over a period of almost 40 years!

  • New images

    - August 20, 2008
    I've just uploaded a new batch of images. I normally take each image and do what seems right at the time. This is an experiment in making a 'suite' of images with a consistent feel.

  • New photos

    - August 18, 2008
    I've just uploaded a new batch. These are only new to Ipernity, going back as they do to 1966!

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