Today I shaved my head in order to realize that I am leaving for Athens tomorrow. I have to do my military service. I will be away for two months and this means that I have so many things to take care of before. Nevertheless I keep wasting my time on-line like nothing is going to change.

So, after I shaved my head, I finally started working. A few minutes later an annoying sound didn't let me to concentrate. Usually I can work no matter what noise is around (I grew up just beside a park and I have learned to filter the most annoying sounds -even those generated by hundred kids shouting at the same time :-)). But that sound was really annoying and forced me to stand up, like when a mosquito is flying just above your head exactly the moment that you are ready to fall asleep.

I realized that it was a man, calling his runaway bird while holding up in the sky its cage. The bird was singing free and the man kept calling it to get back. With a loud voice, in non-periodic intervals ... "renard, renard, ..., renard, ..., ..., ..., renard" (or something like this). I was really annoyed! I was ready to shout at him to stop.

But when I looked at him more carefully, I saw a desperate look in his eyes. He was raising its cage as far as he could, with the numbness of a lover that has hurt his partner without realising it while asking for forgiveness. He loved this bird. I was ready to get emotional, when I realized that I could take a video photo of him. He was just in front of my window. Here it is:

(the quality is not very good, but together with the text I hope it makes sense :-))

I didn't think more about it the rest of the day. But while I was trying to sleep, this moment was turning around my head ... and suddenly I thought that I could interpret it as a sign for me to help me realize my situation (as I was trying to do today) ... mother nation (greece) is calling me to go to my cage! :-) This was it. I couldn't sleep anymore and this is why I am writing now (at 7am) this post.

OK, maybe it is an exaggerated thought, but you must admit that it could be classified as a funny coincidence. I love coincidences! :-)

See you in two months! Take care!