I saw this theatre play on Friday and I liked it very much: Hodja - vol. 1 (Maison des metallos)

This is a photo I took after the end of the show.

My favorite Hodja's anecdote was the following:

Hodja goes to an open market and sees a guy selling a bird with a price much more expensive than all the other sellers.

So he asks:

- why your bird is so much more expensive?

- because it talks, replied the seller.

So, the next day Hodja was himself in the market selling a bird even more expensive. People passing by asked him:

- Why your bird is so expensive?

- Don't you see how expensive is that bird over there?

- Yes, but this bird is talking.

- Yes, but mine is thinking.


And I should take the opportunity to tell you another one I heard during my recent trip in LA:

There was a mother with her little girl walking on the street.

Another woman passing by saw the child and said "How cute!!".

And the mother replied "A, this is nothing, you should see her photos!"