Jesus said "Μακάριοι οι πτωχοί τω πνεύματι" (the translation I found in the Internet is "blessed are the poor in spirit", but in greek it could also mean something like "happy are the poor in mind" :-))

I am not sure, but maybe this is one of the problems of our society ... the poor in mind are the only ones who are happy :-). I exaggerate (as always) but it is really a pity that (too) many clever and sensitive people are not happy! And they could ... or better they _should_, if they want to help this world become better ...

They should become themselves a good example for others to follow, and stop complaining forever and get depressed for the bad things that happen around us ... they should use their mind to find the(ir) way to happiness! And they will may help this way others do the same.

But never forget to "let" them freely decide what they believe is best for them! Love with a passion so powerful to feel as feathery to accept (my favorite quote ... goes with everything :-))

Anyway, I have a lot to say about this subject, but for the moment just watch this really perfect videoclip, from which this post was inspired (as you will understand when you listen to this song) :-)

"Baby, you have a possability, play it with me"

Peter Nalitch - Guitar