I have been told that in a greek region people use the word Αρκάτος (arkatos) to describe someone that walks without carrying anything (in his/her hands). It is a pity that it is not included in greek dictionaries and most greeks do not know it. It is a perfect word! (I wonder if there is such a word in other languages). So, I would like to promote its use (both in talking and in practice) :-)

I love walking arkatos. And sometimes I even leave my key under the carpet outside the house entrance in order to walk around with absolutely nothing on me ... not even my camera :-).

Try it! Leave the house with absolutely nothing on you ... you will be surprised! (I think)

It is not obvious why, but "nothing" offers a more powerful feeling of freedom than "just my keys". You cannot imagine how it is if you don't try because, if you think about it, we never leave the house with absolutely nothing on us! The closest to this feeling is swimming ... swimming around the city :-)

Please try it and tell me how you felt :-) ... make a walk around the city without carrying anything at all ... please :-)