I was watching these days the games of the greek basketball team for the european championship and I was surprised by how wise is the coach (his name is Panayotis Yanakis).

He was always positive after each game independently of the result and he was repeating: "What I try to teach them is that a mistake is already gone (it is past)". (his philosophy and overall profile has a tremendous (positive) impact on the team). I think this is one of the most important (and difficult) things to realize in life. It is similar to a favourite quote of mine: "If it can be fixed why are you sad? If it cannot be fixed why are you sad?"

By the way, as I did in my previous post, he always highlights the fact that effort is what we need in order to achieve our goals ... I told you he is wise :-) ... and moreover his name is Panayotis :-)

By the way (2), I read that quote in the book "Io Speriamo Che Me La Cavo (Me, Let’s Hope I Make It)" written by D’Orta, Marcello (one of my favourite books).
Description: An elementary school teacher, is a collection of some of his third graders’ essays. These children live in a small town near Naples, and most of them come from desperately poor families. Their personal stories of survival will tug at your heartstrings and make you cry and, at times, laugh. The reader is made aware of the serious economic problems that still exist in southern Italy and of the tragic impact of these problems on the children. The well-known film director Lina Wertmuller was tremendously moved by this book and directed a film based on it entitled "Ciao, Professore."


The following translation was taken from here (but it is not one of the best in my opinion). Here I have copied the greek translations of my favourite ones and some day I will translate some of them in english (it is not easy because there are many idiomatic expressions ... but since greeks and italians are "una fatsa una ratsa" it is easier between these two languages)

Your teacher talked about Switzerland. Can you summarize the most important points?

Switzerland is a small country in Europe that borders on Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. There are a lot of lakes and mountains, but there isn't any ocean, especially in Bern.

Switzerland sells arms to the whole world so they can kill each other, but Switzerland doesn't ever have even a small war. They build banks with all their money. But not good banks. The banks are for bad persons, especially drug addicts. Criminals from Sicily and China put their money in these banks. The police go and ask, Whose money is this? and they say I don't know, I'm not going to tell you, it's none of your damn business, the bank is closed. But the bank is really open!!

In Naples, if you get cancer, you die, but in Switzerland you die later or maybe you live. Because the hospitals are beautiful. They have carpets, flowers, the stairs are clean and there are no rats. But you pay a lot of money. Unless you sell stuff on the black market, you can't afford to go.

Is this long enough?