Photographic Thoughts on Current Events about the Swiss Banking Secret

About 100 years ago began the ascent of the Swiss financial center. The success is due in large part to banking secrecy. It offered protection against the arbitrary actions of states. Unfortunately it was misused by "certain circles". During a long time, it could be defended against attacks.

With the financial crisis in early 2009, the events moved swiftly. This meant the virtual end of bank secrecy. Now, the place would be cleared for a new financial order ... not only in Switzerland but worldwide!

In particular, the turbulence around the Swiss bank secrecy and UBS, including the debates in the Federal Parliament gave me the opportunity to put this trouble in photography. Mid-2009 I created the series "Requiem for a secret".

A year later, the debates in the Federal Parliament and the corresponding lobbying inspired me for a new picture "The desperate attempt to rescue".
September 2011: the matter is still not over! Some banks seem not having learned anything from the past. The US government put the Swiss banks under massive pressure! Therefore two more pictures had to follow.

April 2012: Now it's probably about the essence... is there a decision? I'm considering more pictures!

Early 2013: Again, great turbulences. The attack by the U.S. and the EU, leaving deep holes in the defensive walls. The data exchange is unstoppable!

There are new pictures.

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