After a month of despair that a website much loved was about to disappear.. and the work of some of us to Archive memories for those who didnt know how to......

After some days 20 hours long for nearly a month watching downloads and checking files.....

I think I am back tonight !

THANKYOU all my friends who looked for me.. wrote to me.. sent me photo links to raise sometimes sinking spirits.

I am sad to see some have left... that things that could have been stopped from escalating.. did still.

I know I am not going to be able to catch up with all my friends photos.. forgive me for that. I WILL endeavour to start afresh.. and let the beauty of your talent wash my heart and spirit

Auntie PeggyC .."your nephews" have some snow pics.. I just have to wade into them !

We had alot of snow ! Then oh so Oklahoma.... last week minus temps and temps in the low teens.... yesterday and today.. 63F... snow's gone !

Thankyou again.....

PS. Jim... "Explored" DOES mean something.. CONGRATULATIONS on your SO deserved 1st one

For those of you who havent seen it.... here is Jim's beautiful EXPLORED photo of Patches