Life happens doesnt it.

Thankyou... 2 good friends here came looking for me because they hadnt seen me post.

I explained why.....

The dog/cat site I have posted on many times a day everyday for 7 years was taken over 2 years ago. The new $%^&*() practiced willful neglect... bit by bit... it all began to break and Tuesday they said its shutting down on 3rd March. Get what you can off your pages (each pet has a page.. and many of us learned to code so we could make beautiful pages. I have taught 100s... made 1000's. Made friends I will have all my life.

We laughed with each other.. cried.. supported each other when our beloved Pets left for the Rainbow Bridge...

Its so damned hard. Not going to cry... not yet.... lots of people to get their pics.. their diaries.. I have been screen shotting.. extracting... doing all, 18 hours, often more a day.

All because of hateful wilful neglect.

I have a deep pain in my chest that isnt going to go for a long time. There is nowhere really for us all to go.... some are on faceless.. I am not. But this was for our animals.. groups.. forums.... pages.... experience....rescues... advice for folk who asked... all going.

I do comment collation for CoCoRaHS and I finally got to my daily stock of those at will be the same tonight/morning . I was up till 4am getting stuff off site for non computer savvy folk.....and that is going to go on till the last moment.

First time in 6 mths, 3 days ago .... I just didnt get to Ipernity....I managed sometime in the early hours today to say Thankyou for comments but havent got to my groups. Like you.. I have loved making the friends I have.. and try to keep up and appreciate them as they do me.

I feel guilty as hell. I so value the friends like you I have made there. I am going to TRY and at least do my groups tonight... sometime... I wont catch up..

Well.... I wont get to the groups again tonight. I still have a bundle to do to keep on schedule.

I think the point of sharing this misery with you is because

1. I havent forgotten you...
2. I value the friendship
3. I needed just to see a corperate company with ethics... such as Ipernity.

I will be back as soon as possible.. I do still try to get in just for a few mins daily

Back to the Apocalypse Place..............