We leave for home in about 8 hours, and we will be home in 27. It's very strange to think that we have been here for 2 months, and in a way it feels like we have been here an eternity. I'm excited to come home though.

China has been an unforgetable experience. It is one of the best things I have done in my life. I am not sad to say goodbye, but I would welcome the opportunity to ever come back to China.

The last few days have been a blur. We saw some historic sites (most of which were overcrowded), and got some homework done. It's been fun and relaxing. I got a 非常好(feichang hao) - which means extremely good; a rare compliment in a Chinese class - on my final project for Chinese that was a skit I prepared with Kate, and that is the end of my Chinese language learning for my undergraduate. More will be revealed about the future.

I've done my best not to spend much more money which is really tempting in a big city like this with so many shopping options. Really, I should have been recording my experiences better of my last week, but since I haven't, I will probably leave them for in person for any of my readers I will see in the next few weeks back in America.

Well, I'm about to go eat breakfast with my room mate for the last time, and then it's showering and finishing packing for the trip home. This concludes my blog in China. Thanks for following me!