We are leaving Liaocheng in an hour. I walked through Liaocheng for the last time this morning and my heart felt heavy. It is strange to know that I had moments where all I wanted was to make it to Beijing; here we are, and I don't want to leave. Liaocheng has become my home. I have lived here. I have fallen in love with the people and the scenery and the lifestyle and the energy. I feel like I will forever leave a piece of myself here, or maybe a piece of Liaocheng will come with me. I'm not sure.

We are still unaware of what we will be doing in Beijing. We have been given no schedule. We did hear two nights ago that we are required to pay for all of our sightseeing expenses out of pocket though, to which our entire group has been taking a stand against since they have no basis to say that they have the right to do that. We were promised things, and they are trying to make excuses for why they are not planning to give them to us. The good news is, we have managed to make our concerns known in a way that is at least having people on vacation look into the matter. However, there is still no guarantee.

Well, I need to go! Hopefully I will have internet access in Beijing to continue to post updates on the things going on in China. Have a good night, America!