It's only took me the best part of 3 months ladies and gents, but as promised and in no small part to the computer wizadry of good old Trueblue, I am officially up and running on the finest site around, WOW of course!!

Times are very challenging for us Owls at the moment, but come on, it's not like we aren't used to it, and if this takeover lark had actually gone through without a snag and we were sitting on top of a big pile of cash and looking comfy in the table, we'd still be waiting for something to go wrong, such is the life in the blue and white suit that we lead.

I for one am planning for a Wednesday future that does not include Mr Sheard and whatever amount of cash that he has. That way, if anything ever does materialise, it will be a wonderful and extremely welcome surprise.

I predicted at the start of this season that we'd finish 12th, and I'm still sticking by that view. In my humble opinion we should look to ofload Mr Clarke certainly and Mr Jeffers possibly. Both being dependant on finances and replacements of course. And there is no way on God's green earth that we should encourage or consider bids for Wood or Beevers. But what would any of you say if someone came along and said here's 5 million in cold hard cash for Beevers. Sadly for us, if our financial situation doesn't improve this season, no matter how many times we say we aren't or don't have to be a selling club, we may have to consider what is now unthinkable. Players of this calibre only let loyalty stretch so far and they won't stomach Championship football forever.

All in all, I am looking forward to yet another roller coaster season following the mighty blue and white wizards. There will be disappointments galore along the way, but remember Leicester, there will definitely be another one of those between now and early May next year.

Our new club motto should be 'Our inconsistency, is our consistency'

It's never boring being a Wednesdayite!!

Up The Owls!!!!