Ey up fellow Owls, just thought I would try a different kind of post for a change, apologies if it has been done previously or better(which I suspect it will have been!)

I was just wondering what were the best, worst and weirdest atmospheres you've ever experienced at a Wednesday game. Here are my three:


There are so many good games and happy memories that come flooding back, but the one that just takes it for me is the Brentford away game for the 2nd leg of the play-offs. You may be surprised that I haven't chosen the '93 semi, but this one takes it for me on the basis that it was the start of something new. Everything about the day was great, my journey from Plymouth on the train to London. The gargantuan amount of ale I supped during the day as well. The atmosphere at the game was something else. We never belted up for 90 minutes and there were grown blokes left speechless and little lads faces lit up like never before. Still to this day, I watch Brunt's free kick every now and again and get a little tingle as I see the away end erupt and all the Wdnesdayites going beserk. Priceless.


For me, even worse than THAT game at Brighton, was another dark day for Wednesday. It was the game against Coventry in 2000 that virtually condemned us to the football league. I'd only just got back from America with the Navy the day before and was actually looking forward to the game, with more than 8 years of hindsight, Christ knows why. The performance was shocking, there was no passion at all, supporters were arguing and almost fighting amongst themselves. The chant of 'you're not fit to wear that shirt' rang out for nearly the entire game. There were things being hurled at the field of play, spitting, I could go on. We could barely muster a cheer or a ripple of applause for De Bilde's tame consolation. What made the day hurt even more was when I was at Coventry station waiting for my train back to Sheffield when I heard a Coventry fan say, 'I feel so sorry for those Wednesday fans, they were magnificent and outsung us, their club doesn't deserve them'. How apt a phrase has that become over the years?


Without a shadow of a doubt that bizarre day at Burnley back in April 2003. As I'm sure you're all aware we were condemned to relegation already and so had nothing to lose, but yet a sense of forebding hung over the club as well, were we staring into the abyss? Me and my mate got to the train station at about 8am thinking it wouldn't be too busy, the hell it wasn't! There must have been 300-400 Wednsdayites on the platform even then. One of the signs that read 'Sheffield' now had a whopping great big Union Flag with 'SWFC' adorned on it, covering it. This group of lads arrived on the plaform with a black carrier bag that looked quit bulky, and emptied the contents of it onto the plaform floor, and then proceeded to demolish the ale that was now everywhere as if their very life depended upon it. Once inside the ground it was weird, due to the fact that I wasn't quite sure if this day was a celebration of something new yet to be experienced by a good deal of Wednesdayites, i.e. Division 3 football, or if we were dreading what was yet to come. However once the goals started flooding in, and by God did they, the mood shifted beyond recognition and into something that 'party mode' wouldn't even do justice. I have a couple of colour prints of the away end that day, and whenever I think times are bad for the lads, I look back to that day, my favourite 'weird' Wednesday atmosphere ever.

Up The Owls!!!!