Como en nuestro sitio hay mucha gente que es casi imposible que pueda ir a las convocatorias (por estar muuuy lejos), los invito a conocer un avance del libro que presento:

As in our site there is much people who are almost impossible that she can go to the calls (to be muuuy far), I invite them to know an advance the book that I present/display:


of the novel "the KEY"

- Presentation 6 of November-

The routine seems to be the inevitable trap of the new times. Our Ariel friend, journalist on the brink of madness to want to avoid it, is victima of that triangle of disappearances and the dark in the consolidation of the future. When everything what happens seems to be almost on the verge of making it invisible and forgetfulnessable, an unexpected play arises and the occasion puts it in front of a series of unknown and novel events, even for somebody trained to wait for surprises, at least from the intellectual. To be part of an anecdote, becomes the construction of a representative metaphor of a globalidad. Repeating the effect butterfly, it is made interesting read in each step a portion of a universal question. After east route way, tried salary to decipher some signals, to finish understanding the double permanent version of our points of view, we will try to include/understand the key of ours to happen. The key perhaps before such global crossroads, is single a personal message, we will have the freedom to decide it.