Every weekend I will try to visit all my contacts.

I want to see what they want to share.

I will comment, fav or just visit and I will tag the best photos with "WWWonder"
and invite

them to the group Weekend Walk Wonderz, 3 of them I like to show in this blog.

Have your own Weekend Walk and tag your favorites with "WWWonder" too, if you want.

Here are:

Weekend Walk #44 06/28/2008

by Marinkel * -------------------------- by pop500km ---------------------------------- by absche

Weekend Walk #43 06/21/2008

by franck *oO** ------------------------------ by brilho-de-conta

Weekend Walk #42 06/14/2008

by lauren.rabbit --------------- by Johnny Stompanato ----------------------------------- by kimmika

Weekend Walk #41 06/07/2008

by Teutzzzza ------ --------- by Chris82 -------------------------------------------------- by Molly Bloom