Every weekend I will try to visit all my contacts.

I want to see what they want to share.

I will comment, fav or just visit and I will tag the best photos with "WWWonder" and show 3 of them in this blog.

Have your own Weekend Walk and tag your favorites with "WWWonder" too, if you want.

and join the group Weekend Walk Wonderz

Weekend Walk #22 01/27/2008 [color & B/W]

by Jaclyn Sollars ------------------------ by undeplus ----------------------------- by Lodchjo

by Annjin -------------------------------- by Zabine ------------------------------------------- by azephalia

Weekend Walk #21 01/20/2008

by I am You are -------------------------- by MacKey ------------------------------ by bajy

Weekend Walk #20 01/12/2008

by Charon -------------------------------------- by be·mo·re ------------------- by franck *oO**

Weekend Walk #19 01/06/2008

by Amandine // Mata Hari --- by bellygarden --------------------------------------------- by Magic fly paula