Mona Lisa discovered the most passionate collection of photo's on Ipernity.

I invite wonders to the Weekend Walk Wonders group, but inviting only one of these photo's, would be like showing only the doorknob of the Sistine chapel.

It's a project of Ervin, a very intimate impression of the preparation and start of a  procession through the streets of Madrid on Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday).  It brings you in the world of the cofradía (brotherhood) known as "Los Estudiantes" (the students), the world of  Rouco Varela (Archbishop of Madrid) and the world of costaleros (carriers of the 'pasos'), the 'nazarenos'  (penitents) and the mantilla  wearing women.  A portrait of serious concentration and devotion. The black and white of the pictures contributes to a mystical atmosphere.

This album of Ervin makes me want to contemplate ....!!

Go there and enjoy his work like I did and comment or fav.

click on the image below and walk with E. Sarkisov.


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